Do you want to start your own business without having to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars to get your plan done professionally? If so, then our free business plan templates might be the perfect solution for you.

Business plans aren’t something most entrepreneurs enjoy writing. That’s why you’ll probably spend hours searching for free business plan templates before giving up. However, they don’t really exist. There are countless websites where you can type in some questions and get a basic template back from their database. But is this really enough to turn into a real business plan? Not exactly…

How To Write A Winning Business Plan For Your New Startup

In an attempt to help people who struggle with how to write a business plan and/or need guidance on business strategy, I have put together this post which covers topics like:

– What is the purpose of a business plan?

– Should my business plan be more than 1 page long?

– Is there a correct format as to how to structure a business plan?

– The importance of a strategic approach to your startup

– When should I begin working on my business plan?

Writing a business plan – what’s included and excluded

There are many different ways to write a business plan; however, all of them share some common elements. They typically include information about what kind of company it is (e.g., microcap, small cap, large cap), its industry, history, etc. This section will cover a few of the most important parts that every business plan must include.

Business Plan Template

A business plan is essentially the blueprint of your new venture. It is used by investors and lenders when looking at offering loans, grants or equity investments to startups. It provides the foundation for your business and shows how far along it is in terms of growth and development. Writing a good business plan requires detailed analysis and planning. It will provide answers to critical questions such as “what market we serve?”, “how much revenue do we expect?”, and “where will profits come from?”


It may seem daunting to write down all those details, but if you take the time to think these things through, it will make your business plan better. Plus, once you have written out your rough draft, you can use it as a guide for making changes to improve certain sections and add more detail. Here are the four key sections of any business plan.

Starting A Business Online With No Money

You can find a lot of great resources online about creating a business plan, but here are some general tips to keep in mind while doing so.

If you’re thinking about starting an e-commerce store (and even if you aren’t), it would benefit you greatly to create a website where you can sell products and services to the public. Most people won’t visit your product listing just because it’s listed on Amazon. If you create a website that is easy to navigate, has attractive pictures, and has plenty of reviews, then you’ll see more traffic than Amazon could ever dream of.

The Bottom Line

Whatever your business venture, be it an online gambling venture, a food delivery service, or whatever else comes to mind, having a solid business plan that outlines goals, strategies, and timelines will ensure that you succeed — both now and later!